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Testimonials & Endorsements

“Have I told you lately how wonderful Marcel Lamont Walker is to work with? Super duper pro, guys. Super pro. Include him in all the things.”


“Marcel Walker is a one-of-a-kind individual who creates innovative and stunning artistic work with the utmost professionalism. I've worked with Marcel both personally and professionally and received high quality work and consultation every time. Marcel's ability to see the potential in a project and bring it to life is extraordinary.”
“Making comics is a grueling, labor-intensive process that chews up less dedicated artists and tends to send them running towards more financially secure pursuits. In all the years that I've known Marcel, I've never once seen him fazed by this. He remains as positive and enthusiastic a creative force as he was 10 years ago, still drawing his heart out for the sheer love of the craft, and smiling all the while. Marcel is a comics ambassador, a cheerleader, a teacher, and a relentlessly positive force for good.”
Pat N. Lewis , President - Pittsburgh Society of Illustrators; Professional Illustrator & Cartoonist
“I have known Marcel Walker for over 20 years, and in that time he has always proven himself to be an intelligent, passionate and witty comic-book creator whose work benefits from sharing his distinctly bright personality. Marcel himself is rightfully held in high regard by those of us lucky enough to know him for both his solid creative skills, and for his unwaveringly supportive nature.”
Ron Frenz, Professional Comic-Book Artist (SPIDER-MAN; THOR; SUPERMAN) & Illustrator
Whenever the ToonSeum looked for local artists to participate in new projects, Marcel Walker was always on our short list of the talent that we reached out to. He has responded to numerous requests over the years, and he’s always managed to help make our projects shine.


Marcel always brings an enormous amount of positive energy and ideas to any project — and a collaborative spirit that raises the bar for all involved!
Harold Behar, Former Vice-President - The ToonSeum; Co-Proprietor - BEHAR-FINGAL MARKETING

“Marcel's enthusiasm for the art form and for his fellow artists is a core part of his personality. He takes genuine pleasure from the success of others. He is multi-talented, which allows him to shepherd a project through many phases, from the initial concept through production of the art, product design, the printing process, and marketing. He embodies perseverance to improve his craft, and an incredible fidelity to his creative dreams.”
Wayne Wise, Executive Board of Directors Member - The ToonSeum; Author; Book & Music Reviewer; Comic-Book Historian
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