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Please consider voting for me as Best Local Cartoonist in the Pittsburgh City Paper's 2020 Reader's Poll as a referendum on the role you want to see the comics & graphic-prose arts represent here in our region.

If you know me, you know that I am actively engaged in opening paths for a more diverse array of talent (Black creators, Creators of Color overall, women creators, LGBTQIA+ creators, creators with visible and non-visible disabilities, and more) to have more professional opportunities in the comics arts. That's a goal which benefits everyone in Pittsburgh!

You also know that I'm invested in seeing inclusion on printed and virtual pages as well. There's a reason I'm selective and choose the arts projects I do, as well as the approach I take to those projects. It's important for as many people as possible to see themselves reflected in popular media. I may have a small platform, but that's the big responsibility I support with it.

If you don't vote for me for Best Local Cartoonist, I still want you to vote! The candidates are all extraordinarily talented, and they're a gift to our region. Some have won awards, and some will one day win awards; some make us laugh, and many of them make us think about the world around us. You won't make me mad if you vote for someone else because they're all great artists!

But I really want you to vote for me so Pittsburgh can know what kind of art you want more of. Give me your support, and I'll draw the right conclusions on your behalf!

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