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I create freelance artwork all of the time. If you're interested in commissioning a piece, by all means, please make an inquiry.

I've created illustrations, portraits, marketing materials, spot graphics, logos, and more. One area of specialty where I get requests all the time is superhero portraits. YES, YOU CAN HIRE ME TO DRAW SOMEONE AS A UNIQUE SUPER CHARACTER FOR YOU! (Or fantasy, or science-fiction, or whatever!)

Rates vary based on exactly what you'd like, and how involved the drawing needs to be. Are you interested in a pencil drawing, an inked (B&W line) drawing, a line drawing with gray-tones, or a full-color rendering? (I know, so much to choose from!) Let me know and I'll quote you a price.

Whenever possible, I try to work in stages with the customer giving approval before I move on. There are initial pencil sketches, then a final pencil drawing, then the inked work, then the gray tones or color (if requested). The goal is to keep you from ending up with something you aren't happy with. Most portraits are also rendered at 11" x 17" unless otherwise requested.

Here are some samples of what your custom portrait could look like, with prices!

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