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Paul Blart: Mall Cop and The House Bunny are the touchstone movies for a theoretically shared universe within which numerous cinematic characters co-exist: the Blartiverse a.k.a. Bunnyverse. What follows is a resource guide for the future creation of a movie that will exist within this shared universe.

Blartiverse/Bunnyverse movies require a minimum investment of intellectual resources (both in the development and in the viewing), but often yield maximum returns at the box office. The main characters have a *quality* that makes them lovable, but somehow detached from reality. They're not insane (necessarily) or stupid (necessarily) but they have a warped perspective about some aspect of their lives that keeps them from totally fitting in. To some degree, they are pitiable. There is also always a goal that a B-verse hero wants to achieve that is, for all intents, improbable. Still, they pursue it with gusto and the viewer roots for them. If their struggle becomes heart-touching even as its absurdity escalates, they are probably a main character in the B-verse.

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