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My current ongoing comic-book series is HERO CORP., INTERNATIONAL, a meta-human narrative set in the city of "New Pittsburgh" which mashes up the workaday worlds of superheroes and corporate America.

The agents of HERO CORP., INT'L - the world's premeir provider of scientific and meta-human emergency nullification services - include The Pro, The Samaritan of Heroes; RedGlare, The Rocket of Liberty; BrightStar, The Perilous Fighter; The Wise Man, Doc Creation, DeathGlare, Mister Negative, and scores of others.

In this world, customers always get the finest protection they can afford, and navigating through the beauracracy of heroism can reveal that sometimes the scariest bad guys are the ones who sign your paycheck...!

I am the creator, writer and artist of this series.

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