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WALL PAINTINGS: STORYTELLERS was an exhibit that debuted on Friday, July 7, 2017 from 1-9pm at SPACE in Downtown Pittsburgh. It was the fourth in a series of live art exhibition-events that Robert Raczka has curated for SPACE including “Drawn in a Day” (2011), “Crowdsourced” (2013), and “Wall Paintings” (2015).

The opening was a live art event, open to the public, with 12 artists (or collaborative teams) each creating individual murals on walls measuring 12' x 12', and culminating in an evening reception. The artists in “Wall Paintings: Storytellers” were selected based on their past accomplishments and invited to produce a new painting at their discretion, considering only the broad parameters of the storytelling theme. The art itself was temporary and ephemeral – the artwork was painted over at the end of the exhibition period.

The stylistically-diverse artists were: Jayla Patton, M.L. Walker, Ashley Cecil, Mike Budai, Genevieve E. T. Barbee-Turner, Jessica Heberle, Alphonso Sloan & Baron Batch, Ryder Henry, Renee Ickes, Nils Balls Hanczar, Ann Rosenthal & Lisa Rasmussen, and Paulette Poullet.

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